'Game Of Thrones' Actor Writes Bittersweet Tribute Song For His Character

Play it again, Sam.
Sam Coleman as young Hodor.
Sam Coleman as young Hodor.

Warning: Spoilers below for all of "Game Of Thrones" Season 6.

Last week's "Game Of Thrones" episode, "The Door," pushed a Valyrian steel dagger through the hearts of fans when Hodor met his end at the claws of the wights.

That final scene played out in two places: The present, where Hodor holds the door against an army of the dead as Bran and Meera try to escape, and the past, where Bran seems to warg into a young Hodor, then known as Willis. Being kind of the worst, Bran unwittingly links Hodor's mind through time and alters it beyond repair. As Hodor hears Meera shouting "hold the door" in the present, so does young Willis, repeating the phrase until it devolves into "hodor" -- the only word he would be able to say from that point on. 

Hodor's origin and death scene will go down as some of the most tragic moments in the whole series. Now, they've been memorialized in song. 

Sam Coleman, the 19-year-old actor who plays young Hodor, wrote and recorded a piano ballad in honor of his character, appropriately titled "Hold The Door."

It's fantastic. 

But it also might help clear some things up.

The episode didn't make clear what, exactly, was going through Hodor's mind at the time of Bran and Meera's escape.

However, Coleman's lyrics paint a vivid picture of an innocent young man learning his role in a war that wouldn't play out until years later. He sings:

Then I was on fire

I only had just one desire

I would follow you until the end of time

Put my life right on the line

Making sure you wouldn't die

But there was one condition

I only had one mission

A simple one I knew I had to face

When I reached the time and place

I'll hold the door, I'll hold the door, I'll hold the door

For you, for you.

According to Coleman -- who would know better than most -- young Willis saw it as his mission in life to protect Bran when Bran appeared in the courtyard at Winterfell, accepting his fate instead of trying to avoid a terrible death.




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