'Game Of Thrones' Toilet Is Perfect For Those Who Rule Their Bathroom With An Iron Fist

This throne won't grant its sitter dominion over the seven kingdoms, but ruling the bathroom is totally fair game.

Tim Baker, the lead designer at a prop-making studio in Los Angeles, built this "Game of Thrones"-themed Iron Throne toilet as a surprise for superfan John Giovanazzi, who owns Complex, an appropriately geeked-out bar in Glendale, California.

"I've never really had my artwork used for... this exact purpose," Baker told "Super Fan Builds," the show responsible for the stunt, as he gazed at the toilet made from more than 250 swords.

Everything was made from scratch, said Baker, including the toilet-roll holder, crafted out of a tastefully-fashioned sword hilt. Baker promised the throne could be easily cleaned, despite all the nooks and crannies, as it's covered in a durable marine resin.

As for any fire-breathing dragons sitters encounter while perched atop it, well, maybe it's best they alter their diet.

For more creations, check out "Super Fan Builds," the show that orchestrated the stunt.



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