'Game Of Thrones' Is Completely Changing The Way It Portrays Women

All men must die, and all women must rule.

"Game of Thrones" latest episode was all about the women of Westeros -- and we're totally down with that. 

(Warning! Spoilers lie ahead!)

After a handful of controversial episodes, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have seemingly changed the tone of their hit HBO show, giving their female stars all the power. Not only did Episode 4, "Book of the Stranger," end with Daenerys regaining control -- in a fiery scene reminiscent of the Season 1 finale -- it showed all the ladies stepping up and taking on new challenges.

Sansa reunited with her brother Jon Snow and has plans to take Winterfell back from Ramsay Bolton, Brienne shut down Davos and Melisandre with some zingers, Cersei and Olenna Tyrell joined forces in order to protect King Tommen, Margaery helped out her struggling brother, Missandei made sure to keep control in Mereen, and Yara Greyjoy is positioned to become the ruler of the Iron Islands.

Hell yes. 


In the past, it's seemed men ruled "Game of Thrones" and the storylines within it. But that's all changing, according to Emilia Clarke, who plays Dany on the show. She recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the series' take on its female characters, admitting that this season is pushing the limits. 

"It gets critiqued so often, and I think it's silly because I feel like we are a show at the forefront of feminism being kicked back again into the ether," she told ET. "So many fabulous strong women, so I think we're doing alright."

We can't wait to see what's to come. (And no, we don't care about winter.)

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