One Huge Thing You Didn't Notice About That Jon Snow Sighting

That Jon Snow photo may reveal a huge "Game of Thrones" Season 6 spoiler.
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All of Westeros rejoiced Friday when a sighting of Jon Snow on the "Game of Thrones" set hit the web. It now appears actor Kit Harington is for sure making a comeback in Season 6, after "dying" in the Season 5 finale. Though whether he's alive or undead remains to be seen.

There may be one huge thing you missed in all your excitement, though:

Jon Snow isn't wearing black.

Going to The Wall is called "taking the black" for a reason. They wear black. Though blurry, the photo seems to show Kit Harington wearing brown, possibly indicating that his days as a member of the Night's Watch could be over.

This would be a huge revelation, especially since the Night's Watch oath is for life. (Of course, coming back from the dead may nullify that.) But Snow's new clothes may reveal an even bigger spoiler.

He might not be wearing just any brown outfit...

Image: BuzzFeed

Yup. Jon Snow might be the new King in the North.

Dressing Snow in an outfit that looks like Robb Stark's is most likely intentional, as the show has knowingly dressed another character in Robb's clothes before. Harington's garb is also reminiscent Ned Stark's old outfits, as Reddit user Whooptell points out. Ned, though not King in the North like Robb, was a former Warden of the North. Either way, it appears the now "alive" Snow is taking on an important role.

Even before the picture hit the Internet, there were already rumors Harington returned to film big battle scenes involving Stark bannermen the Umbers, the Boltons, wildlings and others. And we already know that the truth about Snow's parentage, and his possible royal heritage, will most likely be revealed in Season 6.

So does all this mean Snow takes on the role of King in the North? Is he actually wearing Robb Stark's old outfit? Will he still guard the realms of men from the White Walkers?

There's only one thing to say:

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