'Game Of Thrones' Just Had The Most Heartbreaking Dinner Party

Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen Season 5, Episode 5 "Kill the Boy." Do not continue reading. Spoilers ahead!

We all know "Game of Thrones" weddings are the most painful viewing experience in television history, but what about dinner parties? Sunday night's episode, "Kill the Boy," or what should be called "Dinner With The Boltons," spent a good amount of time in Winterfell as poor Sansa was subjected to Ramsay's lunacy over a heartbreaking meal. On top of that, the episode also had a funeral, a good ol' dragon barbecue, a love confession, a marriage proposal and unexpected attack. Here's what went down:

Yes, Ramsay Bolton is the worst person in the Seven Kingdoms Ramsay never ceases to be the most repulsive character in "GoT," yet he's still one of the most compelling people to watch. After Sansa discovered Theon (aka Reek) in the dog kennels, she then had to sit down to dinner with the Ramsay and Roose Bolton with Reek as their servant. In the most upsetting moment of the episode, Ramsay forced Reek to (repeatedly) tell Sansa how Reek had burned her little brothers alive. While we know it's not true, Sansa didn't. Watching the girl listen to their lies while sitting amongst the man responsible for killing the rest of her family was worse than a Joffrey tantrum. Can she get a break already? (Hint: Probably not.)

ramsay sansa

RIP Ser Barristan The greatest swordsman in the Seven Kingdoms has officially died and left the Realm a much darker place. We weren't sure after last week's episode if Selmy would survive the Sons of the Harpy attack or not, but he's officially gone. But the good news is ...

Grey Worm lives! He's okay! Not only is the Unsullied commander alive and well, but he finally told Missandei how he felt about her. Favorite "GoT" couple? Yep.

grey worm missandei

Daenerys has a Mother's Day barbecue What happens when you piss off Daenerys Targaryen? Besides chopping your head off, she'll throw you in her dungeon for her dragons' dinner. After saying that a mother will never abandon her children (in a perfectly-timed Mother's Day moment) Dany then lets Viserion and Rhaegal roast one of the leaders of a Meereenese family. Hizdahr zo Loraq is one of the leaders that is nearly killed, but later Dany comes to her senses and realizes she should follow his advice and reopen the fighting pits. Oh, and she also asks tells him to marry her. Get ready for another (bloody) wedding this season.

Jon divides the Night's Watch Jon Snow is a good guy, but good guys aren't always well-liked. The Night's Watch commander divided his brothers in Sunday's episode when he decided to free Tormund and offers to protect and fight alongside the Free Folk. The only problem now is that Jon has to travel North of the Wall and convince the Wildlings to actually accept his offer.

Jorah gets infected While passing through the eerie, yet gorgeous ruins of Valyria, Tyrion spots Drogon flying overhead, which is a sure omen of danger to come. Moments later a group of Stone Men attack Tyrion and Jorah's boat. Jorah fights them off and saves a drowning Tyrion, but ends up being infected by greyscale, which is the same disease Stannis' daughter Shireen was infected by. Shireen was luckily treated in time before it completely disfigured her, but it seems unlikely Jorah can be saved in time.

Stannis vs. Bolton begins An epic war is commencing now that Stannis has begun his march South to take Winterfell from Roose Bolton. Stannis -- who we learned is quite the grammar obsessive -- may have Melisandre on his side, but Roose's hunger for total annihilation shows no bounds. In other Bolton news, "Fat Walda" is also pregnant with Roose's baby, which cannot be good.

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