'Game Of Thrones' Just Killed Off Your New Favorite Character

R.I.P., Ser Starbucks the Tall ... or was it Grande?

Tuesday was a sad day for “Game of Thrones” fans as HBO decided to edit out the coffee cup seen round Westeros — also known as Daenerys’ Season 8, Episode 4 comrade — Ser Latte.

Made from the same giant’s milk that gave us Tormund Giantsbane (or was it almond milk?), Ser Latte spent countless nights by Dany’s side, helping her get through the day and giving our queen the boost she needed. Sometimes, she got it hot, like fire — but other times, of course, there was iced. Still, no matter the temperature, Ser Latte was a key player in the Game of Scones.

Now, the Night King has succeeded in erasing the beloved to-go cup from our memories.

We'll miss you a latte!
We'll miss you a latte!

So cheers to you, Ser Latte, for getting Dany through the long nights, as well as those post-battle hangovers. There’s never bean a tall (or was it grande?) latte like you. We’re only sorry that you never got to make it to pumpkin spice season. At least we had winter (cups).

Your house words — “May I take your order?” — will always be with us.

Chai simply can’t believe it.


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