'Game Of Thrones' Leak May Reveal Who's Playing Jon Snow's Dad

Who's your daddy, Jon Snow?

On “Game of Thrones,” it’s probably good that “all men must die,” because there are already too many dang characters to keep track of.

Well, here’s one more ...

We learned via an HBO infographic last year that Rhaegar Targaryen ― the son of the Mad King Aerys, and Daenerys and Viserys’ older brother ― is Jon Snow’s father. It’s unknown if he forced himself on Lyanna Stark, Jon’s mom, or if the two ran away together (many fans believe the latter), but we know Prince Rhaegar is the baby daddy.

There are rumors that we will be seeing a flashback scene in Season 7 involving Rhaegar and Lyanna, and now fans may have discovered the actor who’ll be playing the oldest Targaryen sibling.

As Uproxx points out, about two months ago, fans on Reddit predicted that actor Wilf Scolding would take on the role based on the actor’s supposed Twitter history. A Reddit user recapped:

Last year in late September, Lyanna’s actress Aisling Franciosi started following him on twitter. He followed her back, and he also started following the Game of Thrones twitter account and Liam Cunningham.

A more recent post seems to have confirmed the news, saying the casting was in the HBO leaks. Redditor tyrantting states:

Its in the HBO leaked file, we cant show full image because there’s personal information. But he’s on the list under ‘Rhaegar’

If the character does make an on-screen appearance, it could be game-changing. Many theorize that Rhaegar and Lyanna were somehow married, leaving Jon with a helluva strong claim for the Iron Throne since he wouldn’t be considered a bastard anymore.

We’ll probably have to wait for a flashback scene to officially confirm Scolding’s casting, but if the actor could bring the same prestige to Prince Rhaegar as he does to this dramatic reading of the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme, then we’ll tell any other possible Rhaegars, “Yo, Homes. Smell ya later.”


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