Game Of Thrones Meets Little Miss/Mr. Men Series

Best 'Game Of Thrones Tribute' Of All Time?

You've probably never put "Game of Thrones" and the Little Miss/Mr. Men series in the same train of thought, but maybe you should have?

The Tumblr Mr. Men & Little Miss Game of Thrones combines the odd pair to create Mr. Men/Little Miss book covers with "Game of Thrones" characters (they also have a Facebook account that they post the new images to as well).

The creators are Antoine Le Troadec and Antoine Dezes-Richard, who both work for Parisian advertising agency Publicis Conseil.

Little Miss Arya Stark
Mr. Joffrey Baratheon
Little Miss Daenerys Targaryen
Mr. Gregor Clegane
Little Miss Sansa Stark
Mr. Petyr Baelish
Mr. Samwell Tarly
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