'Game Of Thrones' Star Pedro Pascal Reveals How The Show 'Broke His Heart'

Is it still too soon to be talking about The Red Viper's gruesome death on "Game of Thrones"? Probably, but that isn't stopping Pedro Pascal.

Oberyn Martell's real-life counterpart is currently making his rounds at Comic Con with the rest of the "GoT" cast and while it's the actor's first time attending the San Diego convention, Pascal said the welcome he's gotten from followers of the show has been mind-blowing -- not literally though. "Every time I go outside, people start cheering," Pascal told Mashable, after just having fought his way through a crowd of over overzealous fans. "This is my life now."

Pascal made his mark on the show after bringing the suave and revenge-driven Prince of Dorne to life and while we definitely echo what every fan has told him since his big fight with The Mountain -- "You should have just killed the guy! Why didn't you stop talking and kill the guy!" -- Pascal says he was prepared for what was coming before he even took the role.

"I knew what was coming because you have to protect yourself emotionally," the actor admitted. But being prepared didn't help as much as he thought when the end finally came. "I fell in love with the character," Pascal said. "He broke my heart."

Excuse us for a second.

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