'Game Of Thrones' Poster Might Confirm Jon Snow's Bloody Return (UPDATE)

Is he dead or not?!

UPDATE: Even "The Walking Dead," which recently baited viewers into thinking fan favorite Glenn was a goner, called out HBO for the emotionally manipulative Jon Snow poster.

PREVIOUSLY: The new teaser poster for the upcoming sixth season of "Game of Thrones" has us more confused than ever. 

Will we see Jon Snow's luscious locks on our TV screens once again or are we doomed to watch "Pompeii" to get our Kit Harington fix? Let's hope for the former. 

Harington's "Game of Thrones"character Jon Snow, of course, met his end (or did he?) in the closing moments of the Season 5 finale after being stabbed multiple times by his Night’s Watch brothers and left for dead. People got pretty upset

Well, someone at HBO has a sense of humor and placed Snow's bloody mug front and center on the first poster for the new season, fueling fan speculation that we haven't seen the last of one of the series' most beloved characters. 

Everyone from Harington's co-stars to HBO executives and even the president of the United States have confirmed that Snow is as dead as a doornail, but hope springs eternal. "Game of Thrones" diehards have refused to accept Snow's fate, especially after Harington was spotted in Belfast on the show's set. 

The poster also reveals that "Game of Thrones" will return in April, so we're still months away from getting a straight answer. 

If you want to make your Monday even more depressing, watch Jon Snow's death scene below.

HBO, just bring him back already or leave us alone to grieve. We can't take the agony of not knowing any longer.  


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