Dude Tries To Recap Every 'Game Of Thrones' Book In Two Minutes, Fails Miserably

Trying to put George R.R. Martin's saga into words, let alone sentences, that make sense to a non-fan, is not unlike trying to explain a dream to a friend hours after waking up. Hazy details fade in and out of importance, and what you perceive of as deeply moving plot elements are likely to come across as irrelevant minutiae. The exchange is sure to be met with a shrug and a profound feeling on your part that your friend "just doesn't get you."

Luckily, the below clip does a terrific passable altogether horrendous job of trying to cram the series into a two-minute explainer piece. Notable gems include:

"We're in the middle ages. Of a different planet. If you get the maps, from the later books? Okay so for right now, WESTEROS."

"Cersei's in jail. Everyone at some point is in jail."

"So, there are these like zombie things? The zombies are one thing. The real enemy... is another race?"

Actually, you'll have to just watch the whole video: