'Game Of Thrones' Reveals Another Character Is Officially Dead

But it's not who you're thinking.

"Game of Thrones" fans, you finally know something!

To keep fans interested and occupied, the show has come out with signature beer, board games like Risk and Monopoly and even collectible kits featuring statuettes of the Three-Eyed Raven and Jon Snow's sword Longclaw, but now HBO is finally giving us secrets, too.

(Warning! Spoilers are coming!)

A new book on the show from HBO and Running Press, Game of Thrones: The Noble Houses of Westeros, explains the different House sigils and history, and, in the process, reveals which characters are actually dead. And we just have one thing to say ...

R.I.P., Myrcella Baratheon.

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We've heard over and over that Stannis is actually dead, which the book also confirms, but Myrcella has been a mystery, until now. Noble Houses explains:

Betrothed to Trystane Martell, son of Prince Doran, she was poisoned by Ellaria Sand, who wished to avenge the death of her lover Oberyn Martell. Myrcella died in the arms of Jamie Lannister, who she acknowledged as her father before her death.

"Died in the arms of Jamie Lannister, who she acknowledged as her father before her death." OK, gosh, we get it. She dead.

When The Huffington Post spoke with Areo Hotah actor DeObia Oparei earlier this year, even he wouldn't confirm whether Myrcella was actually dead for fear it was a spoiler, but now it's all in the open. Thanks, HBO.

Along with Stannis and Myrcella, the book also confirms the death of Arya's sword-fighting instructor, Syrio Forel. In a passage on former Kingsguard Meryn Trant, it says Arya holds Trant responsible for Syrio's death. Syrio's fate has been speculated about for a while, with some fans thinking he may have survived his fight with Trant, but nope. He dead, too.

So just to recap: hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband, 'cause they're killing everybody's favorite characters out here.

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