One Thing You Didn't Notice In 'Game Of Thrones' Makes That Sansa Scene Way Worse

And we all thought Jon Snow knew nothing.

And we all thought Jon Snow knew nothing.

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There has been a lot said about Sansa Stark's horrifying scene with Ramsay Snow in Season 5 of "Game of Thrones." Some fans have outright threatened to stop watching the show because of it while others, including the actors, have defended the scene's inclusion. Well, now it turns out there's one thing about it you may have missed that makes it even worse.

Theon is wearing the same outfit Robb Stark had on at the Red Wedding.

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Whaaaaaaattttt????? Yup.

Tumblr user the-kings-hand actually noticed a similarity between the outfits after the episode aired, which you can see below. But could this actually be true?

You bet. Sure as R'hllor is the Lord of Light.

Sansa Stark herself -- actress Sophie Turner -- confirmed the Easter egg at the "Game of Thrones" Comic-Con panel on Friday.

"If anyone noticed, it was Robb Stark's costume. Just FYI. Just to make it that little bit more brutal," said Turner.

Yeah, "more brutal." What happened to not showing Stannis' death because it was too "gratuitous," huh? What happened to that?!

Here's another look at the outfits side by side:


Wow. Those Boltons are messed up. But you do have to admit they have great fashion sense.

The North remembers... you were a snazzy dresser, Robb.

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