Is Anyone Powerful Enough To Score A 'Game Of Thrones' Screener?

HBO is keeping things super top secret.

HBO wants to keep the details of the sixth season of "Game of Thrones" as hush-hush as possible, so no one is getting a screener ahead of the show's April 24 premiere. 

Critics and writers are annoyed they'll have to scramble to post reviews after the episode airs, but surely there must be someone out there who's powerful enough to score a screener. Someone who is kind of a pro at dealing with top-secret information. Someone like a president, perhaps?

“Did you know he gets advance copies? POTUS. He gets DVD copies before we do. And we’re in it!" actor Liam Cunningham told VultureVanity Fair is taking that to mean that President Obama could be the one man who gets the preview that the press is being denied. 

We should note that it's not clear if Cunningham is aware of HBO's latest no-screeners policy, nor whether the President still has enough clout to snag a preview of the upcoming season before the rest of us plebs. 

Back in 2014, The New York Times reported that Obama asked HBO's CEO Richard Plepler if he'd hook him up with advance screeners for "Game of Thrones" and "True Detective," so he could he could watch them over Presidents' Day weekend. It's possible Cunningham was speaking of privileges Obama was afforded in the past. 

But, then again, Obama is a total Thronehead (which is not a real nickname for the show's fans, but whatever), so, maybe?

Recall that in September he told GQ that his fave character is "probably ... the dwarf," before explaining that he, like so many of us, can't remember any of the characters' names.

And Obama, like everyone else, also wants to know what's up with Jon Snow -- not just because he's curious. Apparently, Snow's the only character name the president can remember because it's the only one he can pronounce. While at Comic-Con this past summer, "GoT" director David Nutter told Entertainment Weekly that he gave POTUS confirmation that "Jon Snow is deader than dead."

It seems like it would be hard for HBO to refuse the president if he asked for a screener, but there's a good chance he'll have to wait it out like the rest of us. 



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