First 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Poster Is A Song Of Ice And Fire

What does it mean?

HBO has released its first promotional poster “Game of Thrones” Season 7, Entertainment Weekly was first to report, and our tinfoil hats are getting a workout this week.

The upcoming season, which may be set to debut in July, looks like it’s taking some heavy cues from creator George R.R. Martin’s book series, A Song of Ice and Fire.

Literally, the poster is all ice and fire. It’s a clear reference to what will likely be the biggest Westerosi battle of all, between Daenerys Targaryen ― or rather, her famous dragons ― and the White Walkers from beyond the Wall. Season 6, of course, ended with Khaleesi setting sail toward Westeros to claim her throne. But, you know, if the kingdom is threatened by an infestation of undead, that’s going to be her problem, too.

The combination of fire and ice may not bode well for the Wall. Some on Reddit have put forth the suggestion that visible cracks indicate the icy behemoth that keeps the living safe from the dead (with help from the Night’s Watch) is certainly coming down in Season 7.

It’s a popular fan theory already. Many believe Bran Stark, having been “marked” by the Night’s King, will neutralize the Wall’s magic when he crosses over it, allowing its destruction by the White Walkers. We previously noted another suspect, Euron Greyjoy, due to his predilection for storms and chaos.

Or perhaps the fire-and-ice is a reference to everyone’s favorite Stark-Targaryen hybrid, Jon Snow, whose true noble parentage was revealed last season. We don’t doubt Jon Snow’s role will be pivotal in Season 7 ― he knows firsthand the trouble beyond the Wall.

Although the network hasn’t announced a premiere date, HBO is already revving up its promotional engine for the hotly anticipated season.

Earlier this week, we dove deep into a teaser clip featuring the Oathkeeper sword and a mysterious hand, possibly revealing a dark fate for Brienne.

We’ll be looking out for more hints before winter arrives on-screen this summer.

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