'Game Of Thrones' Says Goodbye To The First Cat Of Westeros

You got to be kitten me!

Ser Pounce, the adorable fluff ball who made an appearance in last week's "Game of Thrones" episode won't be making another cat-meo (that's the last one, we promise) this season. During Sunday night's episode, the furry feline and beloved pet of the new King Tommen popped up to steal the show after Margery snuck into the boy-king's chambers to discuss marriage and other things far too advanced for the poor kid.

It was revealed Ser Pounce has been Tommen's companion for some time and even attracted the ire of the late King Joffrey who threatened to skin him alive and feed him to his little brother. Thankfully that didn't happen, but, rather unfortunately, the cat won't be back for any more episodes of Season 4. Hopefully Ser Pounce will return to the TV series at some point as he is mentioned in books four and five of George R.R. Martin's series.

Until then, farewell, Ser Pounce!

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