'White Walker' Creates Stunning 'Game Of Thrones' Snow Art

Looks like winter is already here.

Just call him a real-life White Walker.

Simon Beck celebrated the much-awaited return of "Game of Thrones" with this spectacular snow art.

He spent 13 hours trudging 64,800 steps in the Les Arcs ski resort of the French Alps. He created a gigantic direwolf's head, the sigil of House Stark, alongside the show's most famous catchphrase: "Winter is Coming."

According to Digital Spy, Beck first sketched out his plans for the enormous tribute on paper before using a tape measure and an orienteering compass as his guide.

"The first thing you've got to work out is which way round you're going to turn the drawing and where to start it so you don't run off the edge of it," Beck said in footage posted online on Monday.

"The second stage is measuring a skeleton of accurately plotted lines that go through the drawing, and once you've got enough points measured out you can then do a join-up-the-dots process," he added.

Beck worked on the art with British TV channel Sky Atlantic, which premieres the sixth season of the HBO show in the U.K. on Apr. 24.

He's well-known for his snow masterpieces, and we've previously covered his work here, here and here.

Beck has also tried his hand at sand art in the past:

And he's even talked about his passion in a TEDx Talk:

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