Further Proof 'Game Of Thrones' Is The Most Spectacular Show On TV

Further Proof 'GoT' Is The Most Spectacular Show On TV

"Game of Thrones" may have been snubbed from the major Emmy categories this year, but it did take home one very deserving statue.

The HBO series won the award for Outstanding Special and Visual Effects, and if you have any doubt over why, this new video will reassure you. From Rodeo FX, this "Game of Thrones" special effects reel shows all the amazing work the company did on the series for Season 4. From revealing how they created Meereen and thousands of Unsullied to the gorgeous shots of Stannis' army invading Mance Rayder to the baby and the Night's King. If this doesn't prove just how visually amazing "Game of Thrones" is, nothing will.

[h/t EW]

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