'Game Of Thrones' Actor Basically Confirms The Hound Is Back

So much for no more leaks.

Hide your chicken, people. The Hound is coming back to "Game of Thrones."

The last time we saw the poultry-enthusiast and Arya's former partner in crime, we assumed the worst. He appeared mortally wounded and begged Arya for death, but she was all like, "Nah," and left him to suffer until he finally was crossed off her list.

Well, scratch that plan.

While appearing on BBC Radio 5, actor Ian McShane basically confirmed his character is bringing the Hound back.

When asked about the show, McShane said, "The character is like a former warrior who has renounced violence and now leads this peace cult around wherever they are."

Ok, so McShane pretty much revealed he's playing the Elder Brother, a peace keeper who many book readers actually suspect nurses the Hound back to life, but it wasn't really confirmed. Well, it wasn't until McShane continued ...

"But also I have nursed a loved character, a much loved character, back to life, and it reintroduces, I won't say him or her," said McShane before revealing it's a him. "But it's a character that's much loved who everybody thinks has died, and he's not dead," he said.

At this point, it's clear McShane is reviving the Hound, but just in case you weren't totally convinced, he had the host of the show guess who it was.

"It can only be the Hound or Jon Snow," she replied.

"I'll leave you with that one. I think you might've guessed which one it is. If it's not the latter, it might be the former," he said laughing.

So much for no more leaks, right, HBO?

Oh, well. THE HOUND IS BACK!!!


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