A Waxwork Of Daenerys Targaryen From ’Game Of Thrones’ Is Freaking Fans Out

A wax museum in Dublin unveiled its new figure of Emilia Clarke's character and it's ... interesting.

Don’t stand too close to your dragons, waxwork of Daenerys Targaryen!

Or, on second thought ...

Dublin’s National Wax Museum Plus this week unveiled its new wax figure of Emilia Clarke’sGame of Thrones” character and, well, it’s left folks with all kinds of feelings.

Admittedly, mainly mocking ones.

The wax version of the fictional Mother of Dragons takes her place in the museum alongside the wax interpretation of President Donald Trump, whose hair visitors reportedly keep messing with:

Social media users inevitably had a field day with the new “Thrones”-themed waxwork, which was introduced to mark the eighth and final season of HBO’s epic fantasy drama that’s currently being broadcast.

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