12 Times The Women Of 'Game Of Thrones' Were Super Fierce

For all of us die-hard "Game Of Thrones" fans, this Sunday is a sad one. The season four finale is upon us, and while it's rumored to be the best yet, Sundays without GoT are no Sundays at all.

While the men of GoT are badass in their own right, from Jon Snow's daring adventures beyond the wall to Tyrion Lannister's perpetual wit (seriously, if Tyrion dies I will riot), it's the ladies who kick some serious ass -- and they don't even need a sword to do it. And although not all of the female characters are beloved (Cersei Lannister better get the "Red Wedding" treatment pronto), there's no denying that they're all impressively fierce.

In honor of these killer female characters, we've put together a list of 12 times the ladies of "Game Of Thrones" were way fiercer than the men over the past four seasons:

1. When Daenerys Targaryen supported #YesAllWomen without even realizing it.

2. That time Brienne of Tarth fought a bear... and lived.
brienne of tarth fights bear

3. When Cersei made it clear she takes sh*t from no one. No one.

4. When Daenerys ate a horse's heart like it was chicken.

5. Every time Arya Stark is on screen.

6. When Ygritte made it clear she can take care of herself.

7. When Margery Tyrell did anything and everything to ensure her Queendom.

8. When Ygritte offered Jon Snow some simple sex advice.

9. That time Daenerys walked through some fire and came out with three baby dragons.

10. When Olenna Tyrell eluded to possibly aiding in the killing of King Joffrey and everyone was like YES.

11. When Ygritte dodged an arrow like a boss during "The Watchers On The Wall."
ygritte arrow

12. Any time Melisandre manipulated a situation to get everyone to do exactly what she wanted. Teach us your ways.

Go on with your bad selves, ladies.

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