Middle-Schooler Misses Game-Winning Shot Attempt In Brutal Fashion, Realizes Life Is One Long, Cruel Joke

Kids need to learn just how cruel and horrible life can be at some point, so why not during a middle-school basketball game?

Well, at the end of a hard-fought game with the Riley County Falcons on Monday, the Rock Creek Mustangs certainly learned that.

Down 26-25 with just seconds to go, the team of eighth-grade boys found themselves with one last chance to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

The ball was inbounded and dribbled into the key as friends and family nervously watched on. The shot went up -- a solid, high-quality, statistically justifiable shot, it should be noted -- hit the back of the rim and then, well, it just sort of sat there until time expired.

Looks like the referee technically calls a jump ball, but whatever.

There are a lot of things to think here, such as WHY? WHAT? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? THAT POOR KID! NOOOOOOO!! etc. But remember, life is full of random, hopeless moments. You shouldn't waste your breath.

Supposedly, the kids were playing in the Kansas Mid-East eighth-grade boys basketball league. But really, couldn’t this be any basketball league in America?

The lesson, as always: Hide your kids away in the house at all times.