Competitive Gamer Counts His Chickens Before They Hatch; Chickens Die


Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. The chickens might not live to see the day.

A gamer named Woshige was recently playing "Guilty Gear Xrd" at the Evo 2015 tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada, when he reportedly mounted a magnificent comeback against Ogawa, who has been described as the Michael Jordan of the game.

Woshige, "realizing" he had won, was so excited that he couldn’t help but leap from his chair, turn to the crowd and raise two fists to the air. "I am the best," he implied.

"GENIUS!!!" one of the commentators calmly stated. (Please take 90 seconds of your day to listen to the hilarious video above.)

The only problem is he hadn’t yet won, and, well, this is what it looked like when he realized the exact opposite had just occurred.

"[INAUDIBLE] OH MY GOD ... NOT LIKE THIS ... WHAT ARE YOU STANDING UP FOR … WHY?!?! WHY?!?!?!" one of the commenters asked. 

The Michael Jordan of "Guilty Gear Xrd" stood and raised his hands to the air. Was he mocking his overly expressive opponent? We can't say. We can only ask leading questions from which you can gather what we are implying.

Ogawa would go on to win the tournament, while Woshige would be tossed into the depths of the losers bracket. He would eventually come in at a lowly third place.

The lesson here is so basic we won’t even say it. Just remember it.

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