This Gang Of Kitty Cats Wants Their Damn Dinner MEOW

You're probably going to want to turn down your speakers for this.

Every evening, when 28-year-old Corey Karmann comes home from work, there is a clowder of cats waiting for him at his front door.

The cats, Karmann explained, are waiting for their evening meal.

And, by the looks on their hungry little faces, they want it right meow.

These cats live on Karmann's family farm in Nebraska. He's been feeding them around the same time every night for years.

"The cats know when my pickup pulls in," Karmann told The Huffington Post. "It's nearly supper time so they all congregate by the front door."

At first, the cats sit quietly on his deck and wait as Karmann gets the cat food ready inside the house. But, once the door opens, "it's like the feature band just hit the stage," Karmann says.

The cats seriously lose. Their. Sh*t.

Karmann says having a pack of "farm cats" is common practice on farms. 

"We take care of them, and they take care of mice, rats and other pests on the property," he explained.

Karmann says he decided to film the felines' feast because he was tired of trying to explain the nightly ritual to his friends.

"I wanted my buddies to understand what I was talking about when I told them how [the cats] act," Karmann said.

And, if that deafening sound is any indication, his farm cats are quite purrrrsuasive.

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