Chicago Reverend On Gang Violence: 'The Bodies Might Not Be Dying, But The Spirit Is' (VIDEO)

Plagued by gang violence and shootings, Chicago reported more homicides than any other city in 2012. And while Chicago's homicide rates have dropped this year, the violence continues and problems persist. To discuss the causes of gang violence and the issues surrounding its prevention, HuffPost Live spoke to experts and those deeply affected by Chicago's many tragedies.

"We talk about the numbers going down -- the number of killings -- but what about in terms of killing dreams and killing futures," said Chicago-based Reverend Gregory Seal Livingston.

"Not much has changed from 2012 to 2013 in terms of some of the structural problems," he continued. "And if we only look at the numbers as it relates to murder, we're missing out on the bigger picture that the bodies might not be dying but the spirit is."

There remains debate over sufficient funding working toward prevention and policing tactics. While some believe funding is insufficient, Angela Caputo, a criminal justice reporter for the Chicago Reporter, argued, "The money is there. We are spending money. It's just not going to things that alleviate the poverty and the insufferable circumstances people are living in."

Furthermore, Revered Livingston advocates for a shift in policing tactics, calling for "the same kind of policing strategies that they have in the more affluent areas of the city."

Yet author and producer Alex Kotlowitz stated, "It would be a mistake to think of this as a police problem... the police have a very explicit narrow focus which is to come in after the fact."

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