'Gangnam Style' Also Calms Fussy Babies (VIDEO)

"Gangnam Style" may have broken a Guinness World Record for being the most "liked" video in online history, but it seems the tune and its "horsey-style" choreography also calms down fussy babies.

A pair of videos posted to YouTube throughout the past two weeks show the baby-whispering effects of South Korean rapper Psy's hit song, which details the "good life" in an affluent Seoul neighborhood.

The first video, which was posted on Sept. 23, has already gone viral, amassing more than 400,000 views. It features Claire, a rather unhappy baby, who only calms down when the Korean pop song is played. (SCROLL FOR VIDEO)

"Only Gangnam Style can stop Claire from crying," the video's description states.

The second video featured on YouTube and Reddit, shows 10-month-old Benjamin strapped into a high chair, stubbornly refusing to eat lunch. But that all changes once Psy begins to sing and dance. As Benjamin stares transfixed at the computer screen, his father quickly shovels spoonful after spoonful into his son's mouth.

"Gangnam Style" is a very catchy tune, as these decidedly happier children demonstrate. Although according to this video, discerning cats are less than impressed.

Discovering that magical tune that calms a child is an amazing moment for any parent -- whether it's a nonsensical Korean pop song or the theme song for Star Wars. (Of course, this is not to say MTV is the new bedtime story. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against television exposure for children under 2.)

"Gangnam Style" has been viewed a ridiculous 336,545,978 times since it was posted in July. The dance has been copied by everyone, including the Ohio University marching band and Google chairman Eric Schmidt.

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