'Gangnam Style' Wedding Video Is Newest Addition To Viral Video Redos (VIDEO)

WATCH: Couple Goes 'Gangnam Style' On Their Big Day

Forget the robot and the sprinkler: "Gangnam Style" is how you should be dancing at your wedding.

One San Francisco-area couple paid homage to "Gangnam Style," a viral Korean rap video, in their wedding video, following many parodies of the online hit.

Newlyweds Stephani Nguyen and Jeremy Ueno enlisted the help of Lightbulb Videoography to shoot the video in various Bay Area locations, as well as at their wedding on September 2. The video shows the couple and bridal party doing the signature "Gangnam Style" dance moves to the catchy beat. The group even gets other wedding guests to join them at 2:15, and then makes a grand entrance into the reception at 2:36.

Watch the video above to see the hilarious bloopers after the music stops.

Korean rapper PSY's wacky dance video has taken the Internet by storm, and has already inspired several spoofs. One video shows a group of friends reenacting the entire video as Chatroulette users look on, while another redo of the video resulted in the firing of 14 lifeguards in California.

Click through the slideshow below to see other hilarious wedding dances.

Crazy Wedding Dances

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