Gap CEO On Why Running Beats Stress

"I get that moment when my head clears."

Gap chief Art Peck is still new to the job, but he has a good idea of what works for him when it comes to de-stressing.

For Peck, who took over as CEO of the clothing company in February, running is a way of "getting to a great place to think."

"I get that moment when my head clears. Maybe I'll be looking forward and thinking about what's going to happen during the day or the week, maybe I'll be thinking about a tough problem that I'm staring at," he told HuffPost Live on Monday. "A lot of the noise goes away."

That noise usually is his smartphone. As is too common these days, people are increasingly tethered to their devices, even when they leave the office. But Peck has one rule: at night, his phone stays in the kitchen, he said. 

Still, he acknowledged that it's getting harder to distinguish between work and life, saying that the notion of strict boundaries between the two is a bit "antiquated."

"You take your work with you," Peck said.

Gap plans to close 175 stores over the next few years, as young customers flock to cheaper options like H&M and Forever 21. The company is scrambling to lure back shoppers, and much of its efforts are centered around rolling out more fashionable designs.