GAP Features Hijabi Woman In Their Summer 2017 Campaign!

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This week the Gap launched their new summer collection with a video campaign featuring Americans all across the country. One of those Americans happens to be a hijab-wearing Muslim woman (wearing Haute Hijab) and we could not be more thrilled!

The campaign is titled, “I Am Gap, Portrait of an American Summer.” Watch the video below:

Given today's political and social climate, Gap makes a bold statement with this video. The campaign acknowledges diversity and is yet another commercial that brings hijab into the mainstream!

Gap’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity is nothing new. They dedicate a page on their website to break down everything they are doing as a company to foster inclusion. They state, “Diversity unlocks our innovation, helps attract and retain talent, and builds connections with our customers.” We couldn't agree more.

In 2013, Gap featured a Sikh model in their holiday #MakeLove campaign, and when the ad was defamed, Gap responded with a message of solidarity and even changed their Twitter background to the picture of Ahluwalia (the Sikh model). Most recently, they made strides towards inclusivity by showing children that different is beautiful with their latest 11-year-old model, April, who has a skin condition called Vitiligo. April is featured in a video on Gap’s Facebook page saying, “Confidence is courage.” That’s a powerful message to send to young children.

While there is no doubt a lack of diversity in the fashion industry, things are slowly beginning to change. Gap joins other companies like Coke, Microsoft, H&M, CoverGirl, and Honey Maid, who are acknowledging Muslim women in hijab and showing their audience that the hijab is beautiful, it is accepted, and it is here to stay.

This post originally appeared on the Haute Hijab blog.