Make A Garbage Can Smell Like Lavender, Not Trash Odors

Kitchen trash cans are one of the smelliest things in our homes. Even with scented liners and bags, garbage can odors can still stink up the house. Cleaning the can is essential and even though it's a dirty job, someone has to do it! Luckily, there is a simple way to rid the garbage can of smells and disinfect it.

First, remove the garbage bag and look to see if there are any lingering food items. Then, move the garbage pail into the bathtub and fill it with water, adding half a cup of bleach and five drops of dish liquid. (Just remember, not all detergents are created equal! Be sure to check the label of your dishwashing liquid to make sure it's safe to mix with bleach. If you don't feel comfortable mixing the two, using just bleach is fine!) Use a toilet brush to scrub inside the can. To clean the outside, dip a cloth into the solution and wash down the sides of the pail. Next, empty the can and dry it using a towel. Finally, wipe down the trash can with lavender oil. The flowery fragrance will remain for one week.

(CLARIFICATION: Language has been added to caution readers to check the label of the dish soap before mixing with bleach. If it says "do not mix with bleach," believe it!)

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