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This Video Game Perfectly Depicts The Struggles Of Every Cat Owner

"We piss you off, but you love us anyway." -- the motto of cats everywhere.

Which is why Will Herring's video game, "My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up at 3 a.m. Every Day," is so great. The game, which can be played on your desktop, allows you to fulfill the role of Herring's cat. The objective is to knock everything over and wake up your poor, sleeping human.

Because that's just what our feline friends do.

In addition to knocking everything over, you can "meow and cry all the time" and "knead with your dumb little paws," the instructions announce. As you destroy your human's apartment, you will deplete his sleep meter. When the meter runs out, the human begrudgingly admits defeat and says exactly what cat owners are all quietly wondering to themselves -- "Why are you this way."

Of course, cat owners love their furry friends, and would probably follow them to the ends of the Earth. But sometimes it's just nice to turn the tables and experience a feline's glorious, needy life.

To play "My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up at 3 a.m. Every Day," visit the game's website here.

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