Garbage Truck Driver Miraculously Survives Plunge From Highway Ramp

The terrifying accident was caught on the vehicle's dashcam.

Dramatic dashcam footage showed the terrifying moment a garbage truck flew off a highway ramp and plunged 75 feet to the ground.

On Feb. 15, driver Kaseem Smith was thrown from the cab as his truck landed right side up in the parking lot of Jose Marti Park below Interstate 95 in Miami.

Incredibly, the 32-year-old survived the harrowing smash.

He was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries, but has since been released, the Miami Times reported. Although no one else was hurt, two cars and nearby buildings were damaged.

"I've never seen an accident like this where someone has survived it. So on that day, God gave him an opportunity for a second life," Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Joe Sanchez told NBC Miami. "From the video in and of itself one has to look at is, how did he survive this, because this is short of a miracle."

The FHP released the video on Monday as part of its investigation into the accident.

Officials claim Smith was looking to his right when he hit an inside wall, over-corrected the vehicle, crashed through a guardrail and plummeted to the ground.

"He basically focused on something else, so he is driving carelessly. He collides twice with the wall and that's when he overreacts," Sanchez said.

Smith was cited for careless driving and not wearing a seatbelt. The case remains under review.