Garden Tour: An Oasis In New Jersey (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: An Amazing Garden In...New Jersey?

Despite the fact that Stephen Colbert and Jay-Z count as residents, New Jersey gets an absolutely terrible rap. MTV, we're looking at you. Staten Islanders on vacation, we're giving you the side eye. But if you look behind the bad press, the state is home to some beautiful outdoor spaces. (Well, why did you think they called it the Garden State?)

Case in point: Jewelry designer Janet Mavec's incredible garden, located on a farm that dates back to the 19th century and one of the best stories in the October issue of ELLE Decor. With over 100 acres, there was plenty of room for designer Fernando Caruncho to unleash his creativity. But first there was a little housekeeping to do. Namely, getting rid of ledges and a parking area, while evening out grades. (We're pleased to see that the original stone cottage stayed.) After that, the goal was to create an environment reminiscent of Mavec's passions, horticultural gardens.

So, do you think the project was a success? Check out this slideshow and decide for yourself...

All photos: Andre Baranowski

And for more inspiring spaces, visit ELLE Decor:

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