8 Ways To Garden When You Don't Even Have A Backyard

Proof That You Don't Need A Backyard To Grow A Garden

It's no secret that when spring rolls around it means it's time to break out the gloves, dust off the gardening tools and head to the farmer's market to select this year's blooms-to-be. Or, if you happen to live in a city or an apartment, it means you'll be spending the season staring longingly at your fire escape and wonder if your landlord would notice if you put a few plants out there. But instead of moving to greener pastures, it might just be time to improve on what you might already have -- just hear us out.

If you can't have a garden in the backyard, you can still have...

Herbs On A Windowsill
windowsill herb garden

A Vertical Garden On The Wall
hanging garden

Potted Plants In The Entryway
potted plants entryway

Terrariums On The Ceiling
hanging terrariums

Succulents On A Frame
succulents frame

Cacti On A Shelf
potted cacti garden

Trees In The Living Room
lemon tree living room

Seedlings In An Egg Crate
egg carton flower

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