Gardening Can Help Depression, Gardeners' World Magazine Survey Finds (VIDEO)

Besides envy-inducing flowers, of course.

For those of us who has watched a "can't be killed!" tomato plant slowly give up on life despite our constant attention, gardening can be a little frustrating. But if you're lucky enough to have a green thumb, there's a big bonus (aside from a crop of lovely tomatoes): You're less likely to show signs of depression or unhappiness, according to a survey from Gardeners' World magazine.

The U.K. publication polled 1,500 adults and found that those who garden were more likely than the average person to report feeling satisfied with their lives (80% of gardeners versus 67% for non-gardeners).

For the full scoop, watch the video above, or visit HuffPost U.K. And tell us: Do you agree with the survey's findings?

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