Gardiners Furniture Store Loses $600,000 Super Bowl Bet On Baltimore Ravens Kickoff Return (VIDEO)

Gardiners Furniture of Baltimore advertised that all merchandise purchased in the days leading up to the Super Bowl would be free if the Ravens scored on a kickoff return to begin the game or second half.

The chain had history on its side: In 46 previous Super Bowls, just eight kicks had been run all the way back.

But on Sunday, Jacoby Jones opened the second half with a longshot dash. He returned a kick 108 yards for a touchdown, forcing Gardiners to pay up, the Baltimore Sun reports. Customers bought $600,000 worth of furniture between the stipulated time of Jan. 31 and 3 p.m. on game day, and all of it was now gratis.

Diana Do, a mother of three, scored $4,000 worth of kids furniture, the Sun noted.

"This is just icing on the cake, to win something for us and for the city of Baltimore to win the Super Bowl," she told the paper.

Customer Mike DeLuca said on the store's Facebook page: "I can no longer complain that I never win anything."

According to Fox Business, 445 patrons took advantage of the offer.

But Gardiners co-owner Gary Mullaney had a secret weapon on his side: an insurance policy for which the company paid $12,000 in case the improbable happened.

Mullaney told Fox it was worth every penny for the publicity and the winning feeling it gave his customers.

As the Carroll County Times notes, Gardiners customers who took a chance on the bet have 30 days to make their claim.



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