Gardner All In on Abortion Ban Legislation

The House of Representatives adjourned Friday, meaning Colorado senatorial candidate Cory Gardner has officially missed his chance to withdraw his name from the Life at Conception Act, a federal personhood bill, prior to the Nov. election.

To un-cosponsor the bill, which would ban all abortion, even for raped women, Gardner would have had to make a speech from the House floor, and now the House is out of session until Nov. 12.

In March, Gardner reversed his longstanding support of Colorado personhood amendments, saying he was not aware that they could ban common forms of birth control, as well as all abortion.

But in an endlessly puzzling move, the congressman did not also remove his name from the federal personhood bill, which would do the same thing,

He's said that the federal bill is a toothless symbol -- even though numerous fact checkers, like, think otherwise.

The mystery of why Gardner thinks the Life at Conception Act is symbolic remains unanswered because, well, Gardner won't answer it, saying stuff like, "There is no federal personhood bill."

Gardner is running against Democratic Sen. Mark Udall, who has released a series of advertisements spotlighting Gardner's position against a women's right to choose.

But despite the high profile of this debate in the campaign, Gardner refuses so far to explain his reasoning regarding the federal personhood bill.

I guess, if you're a reporter, all you can do is ask the question again and see if a factual explanation emerges.