Gardner Has Had A 'Number Of Great Conversations' With Trump

What does that look like?

Asked by a conservative radio host Saturday to “characterize his current relationship with President Trump and his team” and whether Gardner was a “persona non grata,” U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) said:

Gardner: “Oh, I’ve had a number of great conversations with the President. The opportunities to work together are real. He is very, very clear that he wants us to be successful in Colorado and that we have the chance to do things that will make our state a better, stronger place.”

A great conversation with Donald Trump? What does that look like? Gardner must have a low bar for a great conversation. Or he truly likes the way Trump talks to people.

But for whatever reason, Gardner felt he had great conversations with Trump, so we’ll leave it at that.

Gardner’s warm comments about Trump were surprising to me, and they come as the President is battling journalists and after weeks of protests in Colorado against Gardner for backing Trump—and voting with him 100 percent of the time.

Asked if Gardner has the kind of relationship with the President that allows Garder to “kid around with Trump,” Gardner told Silverman, “Oh, absolutely.”

“I think it was on television even, on Tuesday, before the inauguration, the president introduced me to a crowd and talked about being able to work together for the common good of Colorado,” said Gardner on air. “And that’s something we will continue to do.”

Told by Silverman that people were “clamoring” for a town-hall meeting with him, Gardner said:

Gardner: “We’ll continue to reach out across Colorado through meetings and offers to have appointments throsughout the eight offices we have in the state―and also making sure we’re reaching out via tele-town halls,” said Gardner, adding that it is “great that people are interested.”

“Tele-town halls provide us with a great way to reach thousands of Coloradans at one time instead of just five or 10 at one time,” said Gardner.

Republicans across the country are turning to tele-town halls, instead of actual town hall meetings, where they’ve been greeted by large numbers of citizens upset about Obamacare, cabinet selections, Planned Parenthood cuts, and more. Images of large crowds and defensive lawmakers have viralized across social media.

Gardner has apparently been irked by some of the protests he’s faced, labeling many as hailing from California and New York and as being “paid,” with some hired via CraigsList or tricked into calling via computers and surveys. 

“Overall, we have got to make sure that we to come together as a country the way [Trump] talked about on I guess it was Wednesday, November 9, after the Election,” Gardner said.

“You always leave me in a good mood,” Silverman told Gardner at the end of the interview, asking the Republican senator to remember to say hi to his family for him