Garrett McNamara Breaks Surfing World Record (Again), Rides 100-Foot Wave In Portugal: REPORT

Report: Star Surfer Shatters Record With 100-Foot Wave

Garrett McNamara is at it again. The star surfer may have broken his own world record on Monday, riding a giant wave that might have been 100 feet high in Nazare, Portugal, according to

The record has yet to be verified but the photograph of wave is stunning no matter how high it rose.

Photographer Tó Mané caught McNamara riding the enormous wave with a jaw-dropping image.

Garrett McNamara. Nazaré. Today. Perfect…

— Francisco Salvador (@ciscosalvador) January 28, 2013

If this wave towered as high as 100 feet then the 45-year-old Hawaiian has broken his previous record of 78 feet, which also took place in Nazare.

According to All About Portugal, below is an incomplete video of McNamara reaching the impressive feat.

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