Garrett Warren Talks Ex-Wife's Plot To Kill Him On 'The Jeff Probst Show'

His Ex-Wife Tried To Kill Him

Hollywood stuntman Garrett Warren stopped by the "The Jeff Probst Show" on Thursday to talk about a near-fatal assassination attempt arranged by his ex-wife, "Casino" actress Claudia Haro.

In May 2000, just one month after a judge awarded the former couple joint custody of their daughter, a stranger rang the doorbell of Warren's Westlake Village, Calif. home. The man at the door asked Warren if he was the owner of the silver Volvo in the driveway.

"I said, 'Yeah, that’s my car.' So I open the door and peeked my head outside to see if my car had been hit," Warren recounted in the interview. "And when I did, he had a gun down by his right side by his right leg and he picked it up and started shooting at me."

Warren was shot four times on the doorstep of his own home. He believed that Haro, who was also once married to Joe Pesci, was behind the attack because of their "heated divorce" and continued arguments about what was best for their daughter.

The case was cold for two years, until San Bernardino police stumbled upon an envelope with Warren's picture and address in the trunk of a car that belonged to drug dealer and restaurant owner, Miguel Quiroz. That clue eventually led police to hitman Jorge Hernandez and Haro's younger brother Manuel, who was also involved in the crime.

In December 2005, Haro was arrested. On the night before the trial, she pleaded no contest on two counts of attempted murder. In April 2012, she was sentenced to 12 years and four months in prison, although it is unlikely that she will serve the entire sentence.

Watch the video above (or click over to the The Daily Beast) for more details on Warren's strange-but-true near-death experience. Then, click through the slides below for five more psycho ex stories.

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