Garth Brooks Doesn't Even Pause To Breathe While Perfectly Describing Parenthood

Country star Garth Brooks went on hiatus from music 13 years ago to be a stay-at-home dad to his three daughters. Now that 22-year-old Taylor, 20-year -old August, and 18-year-old Allie are have reached adulthood, their famous father is back on the road for his comeback world tour.

Still, in a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Brooks took some time to reflect on his years as a full-time dad. The singer described his old daily routine, from the dreaded morning wake-up ritual, to shuttling his daughters between extracurriculars, to his end-of-day fatigue.

“The day starts every day at 6:00," Brooks said. "They’re not up yet because you got to get up and you gotta make their breakfast so you go in and wake them up at 6:15… Then you go back and roust them up again,” the 52-year-old star vented. “Now all of a sudden it’s getting close to 7 (and) they don’t wanna get up… they don’t wanna go to school."

The "Friends In Low Places" singer continued with a description of carpool time and his kids' frequent forgetfulness. "You finally get 'em up and get all their lunches packed and put them in the van and take them off to school, but oh my God somebody forgot their bloomers for cheerleading practice... so you're walking across the gym floor holding a pair of bloomers."

And when it comes to the end of the day, Brooks' experience is similar to many tired parents'. "You finally get time for story time and you fall asleep and they're still awake."

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story misidentified Brooks' daughter Allie.

H/T BabyCenter

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