Garth Brooks Talks Love For Trisha Yearwood, Says 'I Never Knew It Could Be Like This'

Garth Brooks sat down with Ellen DeGeneres yesterday (Nov. 29) and in a candid interview about his family, spoke lovingly of his wife of eight years, Trisha Yearwood.

When asked by Ellen how they met, Brooks recounted their initial meeting in 1987 when he was newly married to Sandy Mahl. When he and Mahl got divorced in 2000, he and Yearwood got a chance to know each other "as people," outside of the music industry. They then married in 2005.

"I gotta tell you, if you like her and don't know her -- you'll love her. If you love her and don't know her -- you'll worship her," he told Ellen of Yearwood. "She's the real deal."

"I've got to tell you, I never knew it could be like this," he added, gushing about their marriage. "I never knew that everyday you could wake up and feel like this. And I have God and I have Ms. Yearwood to thank for this."



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