Gary Busey Endorses Newt Gingrich For President

In the event that you're a GOP voter on the fence over which presidential candidate to support, and you just wish the guy who starred in the 2005 film, "The Hand Job," would give you some direction, your decision just got a whole lot easier.

Gary Busey appeared at the holiday party of Republican strategist Ron Bonjean over the weekend, and according to The Hill, announced that he was throwing his hat in with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

"I've never met Newt but I know what he stands for," the actor told the newspaper. As for his fellow Texan Rick Perry, Busey said, "He's a good guy, he just doesn't belong in the race." Busey is unhappy with his stance on illegal immigration, which is less conservative than many GOP stalwarts.

Last spring, Busey endorsed Donald Trump for President, despite being fired on "Celebrity Apprentice."

"He's a great man," he said in April. "He's got an awareness level that's very high, and I'm going to vote for him for president, and I suggest you all do. Because he has the wherewithal to turn this country over, turn the dump over, get out of where we are now."

Looks like this puts the kibosh on the nascent Busey 2012 movement.