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Gary Connery, Stuntman, Makes 2,400-Foot Jump Without Parachute (VIDEO)

A British stuntman jumped from a helicopter 2,400 feet above the ground Wednesday in Oxfordshire, England, making him the first man to successfully skydive without a parachute from such a height, ITV News reports.

As shown in this incredible YouTube video, the 42-year-old Englishman wore a wingsuit, which helped him glide toward the ground while managing speeds of around 80 mph, according to the Independent.

"I feel incredible, just completely elated," Connery told reporters after he landed, the Telegraph noted.

"I have been training and planning for this record attempt for many years now and I am so proud to have achieved a world first," Connery added

A professional stuntman and BASE jumper, Connery has performed in a number of hit films including "Johnny English Reborn," "The Beach," and "Batman Begins."

Moreover, the adrenaline junky has also jumped from the top of London’s Tower Bridge, the London Eye and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, according to his website.

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Stuntman Leaps 2,400 Feet Without Parachute