Gary From Chicago Was The Biggest Winner At The Oscars

Gary is goals.

Jimmy Kimmel surprised everyone by bringing an unsuspecting tour bus group to the 89th Academy Awards. But little did we all know, a star would soon be born: Gary from Chicago. 

Sporting a hoody, dad cap and his fiancé’s purse, Gary led the tour group into the theater, capturing the moment on his phone the entire time, even after host Jimmy Kimmel told him they were already being filmed by the TV cameras.

Gary, in true uncle-at-a-cookout fashion, didn’t care.

As he continued to film the actors in attendance, Kimmel asked Gary if he was ignoring the white actors. Without hesitation, Gary admitted, “I am though.” 

Kimmel then asked Gary’s fiancé, Vicky, who her favorite actor was. She said, “That man right there,” and pointed to Denzel Washington. Kimmel suggested that Washington should be Gary’s best man, but the actor did him one better. He “officiated” their wedding on the spot.

Gary’s Hollywood debut didn’t end there. Still on stage, Kimmel asked him if he’s ever touched an Oscar and led them over to actor Mahershala Ali, who had just won for Best Supporting Actor. 

The Chicago native proceeded to take Ali’s Oscar in exchange for his phone. The he instructs Ali to take a selfie.

Folks on Twitter loved Gary. Using the hashtag #GaryFromChicago, social media users praised Gary’s authenticity. 

Gary even got an invite to come to a game from his hometown NBA team. 

Never change, Gary.

Watch Gary from Chicago make his debut Oscar appearance below.



Oscars 2017 Ceremony