George Clooney Look-alike Turns Down $8,000 Offer To Have Sex With Man's Wife

Gary Tate has made some easy money as a professional George Clooney look-alike. However, he refuses to be easy himself.

Tate, 56, of Ashford, Kent, looks so much like the actor that a Clooney fan once offered him $8,000 to make love to his wife.

The "indecent proposal" came six years ago from a rich London businessman who wanted to give his wife a very special present, Tate told Britain's Telegraph.

“When I asked why he would want me to do that he said, ‘We have an open relationship, she’s mad about Clooney, and I can’t get him so I’m asking you,'" Tate said, according to the tabloid paper.

“When I turned him down, he upped his offer to [$8.871]. I ummed and ahhed about it. I was single at the time, so I wouldn’t have hurt anyone by doing it –- but it just felt so wrong that I turned it down.”

Tate first became a copycat Clooney in 1997, but things really took off in 1998 when he won a newspaper contest.

"The Sun newspaper did one of those ‘Do you know anyone that looks like George?’ competitions," he said, according to the Kentish Express. "Out of thousands of pictures that were sent in, I won. My life as a lookalike started then."

The Clooney connection has helped Tate get invited to countless red carpet events and glitzy balls all over the world, he said. He also milks his resemblance in other ways: His business is called "Clooney's Cleaning," the Metro reported.