Gary Zukav, 'The Seat Of The Soul' Author, Explains How Anger And Resentment Stem From Feeling Powerless (VIDEO)

The last line of Gary Zukav's best-selling book The Seat of the Soul reads: "It is exciting to come of age spiritually." Even those who aren't interested in spirituality are still coming of age, Zukav insists -- and the telltale sign of your own spiritual evolution can happen without you even realizing it.

For the 25th anniversary of his bestseller, Zukav appears on an upcoming episode of "Super Soul Sunday," adding to his more than 30 interviews with Oprah over the course of nearly two decades. During their discussion about spirituality and authentic power, he tells her that spiritual evolution takes place when we are able to recognize both meaning and our own power in even the most trying situations.

"We are all coming of age spiritually," Zukav tells Oprah. "That's when we begin to see that the cancer has a meaning. That's when we see that the foreclosure can be the beginning of something and not the ending. We're not powerless."

Believing that you are powerless, Zukav says, sparks a downward spiral. "The more that we think we are [powerless], the more we create painful consequences for ourselves. The more we create painful consequences for ourselves, the more we encounter them and become angry or jealous or resentful," Zukav explains. "This goes on and on. It can go on for lifetimes."

The good news? You can take back control. "You can stop it by challenging your anger," Zukav says. "Do it. Whatever you can do to live a life of love and purpose and meaning and joy and fulfillment -- they're all the same things."

"Super Soul Sunday" airs Sundays at 11 a.m. ET on OWN.



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