How Much Americans Spend On Gas Every Year [GRAPHIC]

How Much Americans Spend On Gas Every Year [GRAPHIC]

It's springtime, and you know that means: The return of your gas price nightmares. Hey, with the average American spending over $2,000 per year just to fill up the tank, we can't blame you.

Based on recent estimates, the national average for a gallon of gasoline is roughly $3.74, FOX Business reports. That price, of course, varies widely depending on where you live, largely because of state taxes, as seen below in an infographic by H&R Block.

Recently surging gas prices aren't solely the fault of taxes though. Other factors, such as a tense situation in Iran and other oil supply disruptions, have additionally helped drive prices up, CNNMoney reports. Indeed, prices can rise so fast that during a recent ABC News broadcast, one downtown Los Angeles gas station increased prices by ten cents in two minutes alone.

At least one sector of the economy could reep large benefits from the price spikes: the green economy. A large reason for a recent spike in auto sales? More Americans are lusting for fuel efficient cars.

See H&R Block's "Prices at the Pump" infographic below to find out how your state compares:

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