Gas Rationing In New York: Bloomberg Announces Odd-Even Gas Rationing System

CORRECTS DATE TO NOV. 2, NOT OCT. 2 - Shortly before the gas ran out, customers wait in line at a Hess station where the line
CORRECTS DATE TO NOV. 2, NOT OCT. 2 - Shortly before the gas ran out, customers wait in line at a Hess station where the line of cars snaked 10 blocks, and at least 60 people waited to fill red gas cans for their generators, in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn, New York Friday morning, Nov. 2, 2012. Courier Winston Alfred said he had been there in his van since 4:20 am, and was second in line, when he was turned away four hours later. (AP Photo/David Caruso)

Due to the high demand of gas post-Hurricane Sandy, New York City and Long Island will begin gas rationing on Friday morning.

If your license plate ends with an even number, you can only purchase gas on an even-numbered day. If your license plate ends with an odd number, you can only buy gas on odd-numbered days.

New York City Mayor Bloomberg signed an emergency order instituting gas rationing on Thursday.

"This is not a step we take lightly," Bloomberg tweeted, "But given gas shortages and the growing frustrations of NYers, we believe it’s the right step."

The rationale behind the decision was explained further on his website:

Hurricane Sandy caused significant flooding and damage to petroleum infrastructure throughout the tri-state region – causing refineries to shutdown, pumping stations to lose electricity and terminals in the region to close. Since then, the majority of the region’s pipeline and critical infrastructure has been restored and power has returned to Buckeye pipeline, a major interstate pipeline that serves New York City.

As the region’s petroleum infrastructure continues to come back online, gradually increasing the supply of available gasoline, the City is implementing the odd-even system – starting 6:00 AM on Friday – to accelerate the recovery of the distribution network and ease disruptions and wait times for drivers attempting to fuel their vehicles. The Mayor made the announcement today at City Hall.

“Last week’s storm hit the fuel network hard – and knocked out critical infrastructure needed to distribute gasoline,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “Even as the region’s petroleum infrastructure slowly returns to normal, the gasoline supply remains a real problem for thousands of New York drivers. Earlier today, I signed an emergency order to alternate the days that drivers can purchase gas, which is the best way to cut down the lines and help customers buy gas faster.”

According to the press release, the odd/even rationing will remain in effect until further notice.