This Gas Station Bathroom Is Nicer Than Every Other Bathroom

This is one gas station bathroom you'll have to see to believe.

The next time you need to pull over for a pit stop, just make sure you're in the Philippines. That's where TV personality Jason Godfrey discovered this move-in ready restroom... at a Shell gas station.

Though it looks pretty ordinary from the outside, Godfrey assures us that what lies behind the bathroom door is "ridiculous." Indeed it is, as you can see in the video above, with its framed paintings, wood paneling, stacks of books and lamps, among other things. There's even music playing. Godfrey adds, "This toilet is better than my room. It's better than my entire apartment, actually."

We couldn't agree more. It even looks bigger than most NYC apartments, and just think of how easy it would be to tidy up! Hey, Godfrey, is there a listing price on this yet?

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